Welcome to the website of Jursuna!

           In the Aru-Mardi farm situated in Tuula village near Keila there is Jursuna, a centre and luxury hotel for dogs. Jursuna is one of the best and most professional dog centres in Estonia.

           Juri and Nadežda Suškov, the owners of Jursuna and the Rottweiler kennel, have dealt with keeping, breeding and training dogs for years already. Juri has 30 years of experience in training police dogs.

           Juri and Nadežda are the breeders of Rottweilers. In 1993, they registered their kennel Jursuna. In 1997, they moved to the Aru-Mardi farm where they established a dog hotel, which has developed into a luxurious dog centre by now.

           Today, Jursuna is the best dog centre the services of which can be offered to your pets if you are on vacation, business trip or if you wish to train your dogs.

           We offer the services of a dog hotel, dog training and education advice. Also, it is possible to organize dog shows and summer camps on the territory of the centre.